How do I make an appointment?
Please visit to do so. PLEASE READ ALL SELECTIONS CAREFULLY and choose exactly what you wish to have done. Scroll through all the options as there are many services to choose! Mislabeled appointments can often take up valuable time for both you and the piercer and can even lead to reschedules or cancellations. Please contact us ahead of time if you have questions or concerns before booking an appointment.

Can I choose the piercer I would like to work with specifically?
Yes. When making the appointment you will have the option to choose the piercer you would like to work with. Note that when choosing specific workers the calendar will give you their most up to date availability and in some cases you cannot make the appointment same-day. Please feel free to call us ahead of booking if you have questions about someone’s schedule.

Can I book multiple services for the same day?
Yes! You can easily select multiple types of piercings/services and you can also leave us notes about what you want within the booking process. We do however limit folks to 3 piercings maximum per visit.

Can I book an appointment for me and a friend/family member at the same time?
You can! however Everyone needs their OWN appointment block separate from each other. But you can have back to back appointments! For example if you and a friend wish to come in together make your appointment first and then have your friend or yourself make another appointment with all of their separate information for the following time slot. Feel free to leave us a note in your appointment that you are together if you like!

Can I book an appointment for my child who is under the age of 18?
Absolutely you can! Please provide their name in the client name section and feel free to add your name alongside. For minors to be pierced there is a little more involved than adults 18 and older. Please see our Piercing Info Section Here for all of that info.  To add: Only 1 parent/legal guardian to accompany the minor receiving a piercing.  
*Parents and court appointed legal guardians are the only ones allowed to sign for piercings. Siblings and other family members cannot sign for someone who is not their child or their legal ward.*

Do I need an appointment to just change out or purchase jewelry?
Yes- but same day spaces are often available!! Call ahead!

Can I bring my own jewelry to my appointment?
The simple answer is no. However if you have previous jewelry from us  then we can often times use that for your new piercing. The jewelry will need to be brought in with you and secured inside a clear bag or container for us to easily inspect. We CANNOT guarantee that we will be able to reuse your jewelry. Other jewelry brought in that is not supplied by us unfortunately cannot be tested in the ways our jewelry has been tested and we are not covered to install it.

Can I cancel or change my appointment time/date?
Yes. Up until the last hour before your appointment you are welcome to adjust your day and time by using your phone or computer through the link provided in your confirmation email. If you need to cancel or reschedule closer to your original time please give us a call!

Can I bring a friend/family member with me to my appointment?
Due to our current safety measures we are only allowing clients with appointments into the building. If you need to have a friend or family member present you can have them with you via zoom, facetime or other digital link.

What happens if I arrive early or late to my appointment?
If  you arrive early we may still be helping the person ahead of you and you will have to wait for them to be done in order to be helped. It is best to arrive at your appointment time so you can be helped in a timely manner.
IF YOU ARE 10 MINUTES OR MORE LATE TO AN APPOINTMENT it will automatically be cancelled and you will need to reschedule to a later time or date. Please call ahead if you will be arriving late so we can adjust your time to the best of our abilities.

How can I make an appointment with Bethrah Szumski?
Though Bethrah is the owner of Pain and Wonder her availability here for services is limited. She is currently ONLY available on Fridays between 2p.m. and 3p.m.. You can book with her for that time slot via the online booking system. For further information please call before booking an appointment.
If you need more availability with Bethrah she is available at either two of her other studios. They can be contacted here:  — Atlanta, Ga.  — Marietta, Ga.

What if I cannot make an appointment online?
If you are unable to book an appointment online with your mobile device or computer please give us a call and we can assist.